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Glycemic Load – Heart Care

Posted by billzant on April 9, 2017

The digestive issues have uncovered a metabolic problem that was brought on by the hormone changes of andropause. It has a name metabolic syndrome, and means I have to take care of the heart.

The older I get the more I am having to refine my diet, a diet that appears on the surface to be healthy. For example, laziness had taken me to eating frozen veg, and I had to knock that on the head.

I am conscious that I eat too much fruit but there are fruits that affect blood sugar more than others. This is measured using glycemic load. This page has a useful table of glycemic load for fruit, and has led me to make the following changes:-

Grapefruit – pomelo, cantaloupe, pears, dried apricots, oranges, guava, limes.

Avoid mangoes, bananas, grapes and figs.

Potatoes again do not rate well with glycemic load.

Taking care of the heart has also changed the exercise. Sport in bouts came from being young, but that puts too much strain on the heart. I have reduced the swimming, and taken up walking as well; I try to swim or walk most days.

I feel that heart and circulation are helped by the chi, and try to do Chi Gung every day. It is helping.

Heart and meditation are closely linked, and I have let meditation slip since the onset of the digestive issues. I must make an effort to meditate twice daily.

Target – meditation twice, chi gung and walk/swim daily. It’s all go.

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Lactose Intolerant

Posted by billzant on January 25, 2017

Since the beginning of November I have been suffering with digestion issues, and I finally tried to resolve them with acupuncture. Immediately the worst aspects of reflux and the “fullness-feeling” that was giving me sleep problems disappeared. Well almost! Late night last Saturday I snacked on a cheese sandwich, and reflux came; so in the middle of the night I chucked out some lovely cheese!! Following this, last night after butter on my sandwich at 8.00pm I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach – almost reflux; so, middle of the night again, butter also hit the bin. I don’t drink milk but attribute these refluxes to a lactose intolerance based on old age and based on my system being better attuned with the acupuncture and recognising that dairy is not good for it. This is my lactose intolerance.

However I have found some nice bread – gaba rice bread that has not given me the wheat problems – other wholemeal breads I have given me problems recently.

Now I need butter – vegan butter, something to spread on the bread so that it is not dry. Sesame seems a good start but tahini is dry.

Sesame butter

1. 1/2 cup sesame seeds
2. 1 Tbsp each toasted sesame oil and sunflower or canola oil (2 Tbsp total)
3. 1/2 cup honey

INSTRUCTIONS(Amended online recipe)

1) Roast the sesame seeds in the Otto countertop convection oven
2) Once roasted sufficiently, they can be ground in the grinder – fill the grinder.
3) Once ground, in the blender mix with 1/2 cup of sesame oil.
4) Now mix in honey to taste, and blend.

Just made this, can use it instead of butter. NOT too dry.

Almond butter
– not tried yet

A creamy almond butter that’s more affordable than the store-bought versions!

• 3 cups almonds

I found almond flakes so will try those.

1. Place the almonds in a food processor fitted with an “S” blade. Secure the lid and allow to process for 20-30 minutes, stopping and scraping down the sides as needed throughout the process.
2. The almond butter is ready with the oils have released and the resulting butter is very smooth and creamy– this takes more time than you’d expect, so be patient!
3. Transfer the almond butter to a sealed glass jar, and store in the fridge for best shelf life.

Guacamole butter
– not tried yet

Problem – lost s-tool for food processor so how to mash avocado


3 tablespoons coconut oil, olive oil, or a combination of the two (I prefer a mix of both)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon granulated onion
1/8 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 medium Hass avocado (about 3/4 cup mashed avocado)
2 teaspoons lime juice


Place oil, salt, and seasoning in food processor and process until oil is soft and creamy.
Add peeled and pitted avocado and lime juice.
Process until smooth and oil is thoroughly combined with avocado.
If your avocado is cold, bring to room temperature before using, otherwise it won’t mix with the oils well.


It is interesting that this lactose intolerance has appeared after a lifetime of eating too much cheese. During my adult life I have been an avid butter and cheese eater, a number of times I was vegetarian and my main protein was cheese – a typical lazy meal was boiled veg with a lump of cheese, and I often made cheese pasta dishes. In Thailand vegetarian is usually translated as gin jer, but Thai vegetarian restaurants (gin jer) don’t have dairy, in fact I believe Thais think eating cheese is like meat-eating. So gin jer is vegan. Cheewajit (and macrobiotices) don’t eat dairy, and I was just giving in to taste in eating it. And suffering as a consequence. Here is John McDougall on food for cows rather than humans – NOT for this human now.

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Posted by billzant on January 14, 2017

I think I am coming through a series of digestion issues.

I started my diet because I had been getting repeated reflux and headaches, both of which I thought were caused by stress in work – yet I had been retired a year; many times I thought the headaches were caused by stress giving me digestion problems. Soon after the diet started the reflux went, and over a period of time my health steadily improved with the diet and improvements in diet I steadily made.

Three years ago things levelled off, and then started to worsen. I discovered a chronic lung problem – that was giving me repeated flus, and was treated by an acupuncturist for this. I still have weaker lungs because of my age, but keeping them warm stops the repeated flus – an OK balance.

With my digestion I became frustrated because I put on weight. I had reduced to 85kg with diet but went back up to 90 and couldn’t do anything about it; during this digestion problem my weight reached 93 kg. I started eating butter and cheese because I liked them – I overdid it and ate too much. And last November I came down with reflux again – as discussed in my last blog I vastly cut back the butter and cheese, and took sodium bicarbonate. The reflux went but I was still struggling with digestion – feeling full and when I lay down to sleep felt that stuff wanted to come back up. I propped up the bed and slept with my head well elevated.

The sodium bicarbonate was the first mistake. I had read to be afraid of it, and when I first tried for a pH balance had used it and not felt good. This time I felt OK and the reflux went so I made my own alkaline water with this sodium bicarbonate. My digestion got worse as I felt fuller and fuller and felt this fullness when I went to sleep. In the end I stopped the sodium bicarbonate because I felt it was neutralising the stomach acids so my food was not being broken down in the stomach and staying there. I still feel that – without any proof.

But even though I stopped the sodium bicarbonate I found that I hadn’t resolved the problem. Following the reflux last November I had changed back to a 50% raw diet, I was convinced that was the right way to go.

In addition for a year or so now I have followed the digestive cycles (found them on raw sites eg):-

Digestion 12- 8.00pm
Assimilation 8.00pm – 4.00am
Elimination 4.00am -12.00

I had never been good on breakfast so this felt good when I started it.

But I could not resolve the digestion issue despite improving my diet – or so I thought. So yesterday I visited the acupuncturist who had helped my lungs. She listened whilst I went into more detail than she needed – especially long and difficult as she was Thai and I was speaking broken Thai. She immediately honed in on the raw food and the digestive cycles. 20% raw, and breakfast – rice soup. She gave me treatment, some pre-food medicine, and said two or three treatments. After the treatment she thought one would be OK, and things are much better today.

To be fair to raw people I have always read that older people (I am 64) should be careful with raw.

I am still concerned about the weight. Older people get fatter but I don’t want that. Having the extra rice soup can’t help with weight, and equally reduction in raw food cannot be good for the weight. But at the moment the sleep-related digestion issues appear on the way out.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

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Health Awareness

Posted by billzant on November 7, 2016

The state of my health greatly disappoints me, it is still good but a disappointment. 9 years ago I began my cheewajit diet with tremendous results. I went to a natural health clinic with migraine and reflux problems, and the clinic immediately told me I had GERD and to do the diet. With the cheewajit my weight dropped to 85 kg – BMI 80kg, and I began feeling good because of the diet. I was JimCarrey-esque with my elation over the benefits of healthy eating.

About 4 years ago things changed. I began experiencing regular flus that were a combination of hormone issues – andropause, and a lung condition. Over the last two years my weight has increased to 90 kg although it seems to be stable at that. Because I was unable to get my weight down, I gave up a little and began eating butter and cheese. I have always liked cheese, and even when my diet was going well I ate the occasional pizza with no problems. I started with the butter and cheese 3 years ago, and stopped because of adverse effects. Two months ago I started with the butter and cheese again, and developed reflux problems again.

When I was teaching sleep became a problem. It began with stress, and I would recognise the source of the lack of sleep through the swirling mind-chatter. In later years I was meditating and sleep was better but in the end I lost sleep yet the mind was still. When I was eating cheese three years ago I also had a sleep problem, and didn’t really come to terms with it.

Good sleep is a measure of good mind, energy and body routines – eating well, doing chi gung and meditating. However I negate that because in retirement I prefer staying up late. I know sleeping between 11.00 pm and 2 am is good for your health – I call them melatonin hours, and often I have no melatonin hours. This is not sensible.

But I have now determined the source of the sleep problem that occurred during later teaching and since – GERD. Obviously if I have the reflux then I am not going to sleep, but when my digestion system was in a mess I can see that as being a source of the lack of sleep.

Recently, both three years ago and now, I will go to bed late and tired. I would lie down and my mind would start thinking – not chattering but thinking. I associated it with not enough study and writing to begin with, but it happened when I was doing both. The problem was GERD, not the actual reflux coming into the mouth but the unsettled digestive system. Maybe I had experienced some reflux during the night and the body was not happy with this.

Once I began to realise it was the re-emergence of reflux, I angled my bed; now my head is raised sufficiently that the reflux will not happen with gravity. But that is only the beginning.

When I first thought digestion was an issue, I considered pH balance. For three or so weeks I have been using lemon water knowing that has an alkalising effect. I now also think the citric contributed to reflux. But I haven’t given up with alkaline water as I make water with baking soda in it. I still have to work out a balance between the alkaline water and normal water for my water intake.

Previously I have used a turmeric-plus drink, and I let this drop. The drink in brown-rice milk, two spoons of ACV, 2 teaspoons of turmeric and a bit of black pepper, honey to taste, and sometimes chia seeds, garlic or ginger. I started this again and it helped. I now want to make two of these my daily routine.

I like cheese, and I think I can bring it back into my eating but it has to be controlled – I don’t know how well I can do that as I have cheese cravings.

What disappoints me about all of this is that it is never a solved problem. Diet helped and I felt Carrey-esque good. I even thought it was the end of health problems. Four years ago when health issues returned I was annoyed – now I am 64. The lung problem is permanent – it is ageing in me. GERD is also an ageing problem. When the reflux stopped, I would occasionally feel GERD stuff but not reflux. That seemed to go but it hasn’t. I have no choice, I have to be constantly vigilant of it.

Health awareness, that is the point of this return of reflux. Decisions I made concerning my diet are not set in stone, nor am I in a Carrey state where health will always be with me. My body ages. It has suffered damage in life, both naturally, by genetic inheritance and by poor treatment. This cannot be ignored. Living with my health is a matter of constant questioning, and carrying out routines. I have probiotics back – kimchee and kombucha tea, I felt good about that. I also mentioned the turmeric milk routine – I felt good about routines. But then reflux. There has to be constant health awareness. Apart from questioning eating routines there is the meditation, chi gung and physical exercise. As I get older I see these as being daily requirements – certainly meditation and chi gung; the meditation should be twice daily for spiritual reasons. I sometimes feel weak, and give up on these in part. That cannot be – constant awareness of mind, energy and body is essential.

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Parasite Purge

Posted by billzant on August 28, 2016

This morning has been difficult health-wise yet I feel very positive.

I have recent issues – constant overweight of 90kg, cold chest and stomach, and I am hoping these will be resolved from what I have worked out.

This morning I began the parasite purge, and just one time with the brown rice I had a deep reaction convincing me of the presence of parasites. There were reactions in my stomach and my breathing was heavy. This suggests to me that my lungs and stomach issue is related to parasites and not just a weakening in old age, and my overweight might be parasitic-related.

Here in Thailand water is difficult for westerners. There is not the level of water treatment that there is in the West (too much in the West needing a flter). Even tourists know not to drink the tapwater but that is not the issue for me. I live in rural Thailand, and not all the water sources are mains. I have just moved and that alerted me to the possible problem. They call it nam bor, what might be loosely translated as water treated from a borehole. A Thai friend described this water as better, but I feel that Thai people have a stronger immunity to their water issues than I do.

I use a water filtration system that gives high pH, and I used it with this nam bor. I was not sure of the results. It has happened before – 4 years ago. When I last lived off the mains-treated water, the water with my filtration system made me ill. I started drinking bottled water then, and felt better. I am not confident with the water in my new house and have started using bottled water.

I have used the parasite purge twice. Once when I first started cheewajit nearly 10 years ago, and once a few years later. I felt better after both. I made a mistake. When I realised that the rural water was not good I should have done a parasite purge so it is possible I have been fighting parasites for 4 years, now I have issues with the water again I am doing the purge. And I had an immediate response.

There is another issue with my water at home, I bathe in the treated water; can parasites enter the body whilst showering? On top of this my exercise is swimming in the sea, what parasites am I subject to there? And then there are my beach dogs. Therefore I must do an annual parasite purge.

So what is the purge?

1) ¼ cup of raw brown rice in the morning. Because my teeth are shot I rinse and grind the rice the night before. Chew the rice until it is pulp, and swallow. Wait three hours before eating. Do this for 7 days, break for 3, do again for 7 days.

2) Teaspoon of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) before eating.

3) Clove of garlic between meals.

4) Sauerkraut or kimchi to replenish the gut bacteria. Tablespoon every meal.

I am slack with fermented foods despite this blog recognising their importance. I have kombucha tea on the go at the moment but I am not sure whether my scoby remains are good enough. I have plain yoghurt but am not sure of how good that is. And I don’t use sauerkraut or kimchi anywhere near enough. I hope I will persevere with the fermented stuff.

But the main point of this blog is the Parasite Purge itself. My thanks as always to Paul Pitchford with his health bible “Healing though Whole Foods” – Parasite Purge discussed App A pp 654-666. I resolve now to do the purge annually, will I?

(Written 20/8/16)

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Ginsukapaapdee, Matriellez.

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Cinnamon and Honey jam

Posted by billzant on April 25, 2013

Picked this up online, thank you Sandy:-


and decided to try it – plenty of cinnamon and honey here in Thailand.

Here is the basic recipe:-

1. Dissolve a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or ground cinnamon) in a cup of boiling water.
2. Stir and cover for half an hour.

3. Filter away any big particles and add a teaspoon of honey.

You can buy packets of cinnamon sticks here so I ground the cinnamon in the coffee mill (dry blender). Once filtered this makes a delicious healthy liquid, and many people take this. I wanted a jam/spread so I boiled the mixture again, added two spoons of agar agar
and have come up with a delicious spread for bread or toast. Well pleased.

Cinnamon and honey is apparently an Ayurvedic medicine. Benefits are written here.

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Jamu Kunyit – yellow juice

Posted by billzant on March 21, 2013


I picked up on this from Gee online because I think turmeric is the business; I regularly recommend it to people to help their liver work against the toxins. The last time I recommended it she said she wouldn’t take it in water because she didn’t like the taste – I half agreed the taste in water is not good but I still drank it. Now I don’t have to because I have seen this Jamu Kunyit. Not only is the turmeric palatable but you also get the health benefits of tamarind. Here is the recipe that Gee gave, this is way too messy for me but healthier. I amended it because I want to drink the stuff everyday. This website is about eating healthily in Thailand so the ingredients are Thai-specific.


2 makham rolls (In Thailand tamarind is freely available packed in rolls, yesterday I bought 4 for 20 Baht)
2 tsps of Curcumin (I bought a box of turmeric powder – about 100 Baht)
Bottle of honey
Bottle of lemon Juice

The drink is mixed in a blender and the makham rolls have seeds, so you need to get juice from the makham rolls first. I have this on the go all the time. Get a bowl, put the rolls in the bowl and cover with water at least half inch above the makham. Leave to soak for a day. Wring the rolls with your hands so that they break up into small pieces, then pour the mixture through a cullendar and put the juice in a blender. Put the pulp and stones into the bowl and cover with water again. This time with palms together rub the pulp and stones together trying to separate as much of the pulp from the stones – still in the water. This means that you can get more of the makham in the juice. Do this as often as you feel – even just once, and when you are ready pour it through the cullender again. Pour the juice into the same blender and then you are ready for the other ingredients. Throw away the remaining pulp and stones – some of the healthiest stuff!

These next three must have to be used specific to your taste, so you will have to learn over time. I put in 2 heaped teaspoons of turmeric but you have to be careful how much turmeric as it can dominate. Then you add the honey and lemon to taste – you could start with 2 dessertspoons of each. All are now in the blender, you can add water if you want to fill the blender. Blend.

Bottle the juice and put in the fridge. I drink mine within 2 days – I don’t know how long it will last in the fridge.

Next time I will add flax seed, a teaspoonful will not affect the taste and it will enable me to regularly take flax seed!!


I have taken to call this juice “yellow juice”, so that I have yellow juice and green juice morning and evening. In Thailand they call it yaa rabaii or something like that. I mentioned yellow juice to a friend and she turned her nose up at it – yaa means medicine and she used it for constipation. Whatever she says I think yellow juice is delicious.

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Ma Ra Kii Nok

Posted by billzant on February 2, 2013

I have seen these “dreaded” things around, and my cook-friend at the “local banner” restaurant sometimes forces me to eat them. But they are not a choice veg to me as they are so bitter-tasting. I have changed my mind.

The other day a Bangkok friend, Gee at Orgathai, put up a picture and asked what they were; my contributions was some sort of ma ra. It was established that it was ma ra kii nok. My Thai teacher then found this article and translated it as her assignment – I teach her English:-

Momordica Chanrantia L is a kind of vegetable which has been used for thousands years in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Some other names in English are Balsam apple and Balsam pear. It’s called “Ma Ra Kii Nok” in Thai.

Medicine uses Momordica Chanrantia L for treatment of diabetes, liver disease and rheumatism. Traditional Thai medicine uses its leaves to cure fever, and its roots are also used to get rid of bad blood and to treat liver disease.

Research studies about this plant has been performed since 1962. Lotika and Rao discovered the Charantine reduced the blood sugar in certain experimented animals. There was a report that the bitter substance in “Ma Ra Kii Nok” has a quality that reduces the level of blood sugar. The bitter substance is anti-diabetic. It has a function that works against diabetes; for instance, activating insulin coming from the pancreas, decrease sugar coming from the liver, helping the metabolism and increasing glucose tolerance by inhibiting the growth of glucose in the small intestines.

“Ma Ra Kii Nok” juice can fight against diabetes in rabbits and white rats. It was also found that it can slow down kidney-disorder and cataracts.

There was a case study on 8 patients who had diabetes and were treated without being given insulin. Taking “Ma Ra Kii Nok” as food and drinking its juice, the case study showed that those patients could tolerate glucose better. The level of sugar in their blood decreased when they were full. The frequency of their urination reduced. As a result, the doctors suggested that people with diabetes take “Ma Ra Kii Nok” as food and drink to keep normal blood pressure and to slow down bad results caused from their diabetes.

Green “Ma Ra Kii Nok” is healthy food. It consists of Vitamin A (2,924 IU), Niacine (190 mg/g) and antioxidant.

How to make “Ma Ra Kii Nok” juice.

1. Ma Ra Kii Nok 100 g.
2. Cut each piece into 2 half
3. Scrape out the pitch and seeds
4. Put the pieces in a blender and liguefy them
5. Pour the juice from the blender through a sieve to get the juice

This recipe can make 40 ml of juice.

Thanks Aod for this, please put up the URL in “Comments”.

Well I couldn’t take 40 ml of pure ma ra kii nok, but I have added it to my green juice. I use pak bung because you can leave roots standing in water so it lasts longer, and 5 ma ra kii nok – ginger, lemon and honey. First taste was ghastly – too bitter, but now I am used to it and look forward to the drink. Good stuff – back on song.

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Illness and Water

Posted by billzant on February 2, 2013

This is about water and my health. Since the beginning of December I have had some kind of illness but in the end it has turned out positive.

But let me look at water and my health in general first. Early last year I just realised the importance of water to my health. When I was first an adult I was an alcoholic, and the booze governed what I drank. Out on the booze at night the next day would be governed by controlling the alcohol thirst and taking vitamin C or orange juice. And too much coffee. Once I got rid of the alcohol I replaced it with too much food, and never really drank enough water. Even when I started on the diet mb, at least as I knew it, did not stress the importance of water; it was only when I read up on raw that I read enough about water. But it has been hard to drink the water “naturally” – it has always seemed forced. I read somewhere that it is good to drink a litre of water first thing. Overnight the body cleans out the system so in the morning you need a piss. But if you drink additional water that water will then continue the cleaning process attempting to ensure there are no toxins left in the body. By the time I have added nam khao klong, green juice morning and evening, green tea at work and an evening drink I am reaching the required 3 litres of liquid a day. Before I didn’t even drink water with meals preferring maybe a tea or coffee at the end but now I do because the body does not just expect food at meals. My thirst had become imbalanced because of the booze and I had never redressed the balance, I would rarely feel thirsty but often feel hungry.

As well this water has addressed two health issues in particular. Since starting my diet migraines have slowly decreased – despite not drinking water properly. However now I am hoping they are a thing of the past. I have looked into many reasons for migraine in the past, coffee, cheese, chocolate etc, I have had wonderful acupuncture and herbal-healing treatment that rid them for a year; but I never saw water as a cure. During the recent illness I felt a migraine coming on and drank water – it didn’t come. The second problem was mucus. I have coughed up mucus for as long as I can remember. I felt the propensity for the problem came from a cigarette-filled childhood home, maybe that’s true but it is far from an explanation. The real truth is that the mucus was too solid and was getting blocked this needing a cough to move it out of the system. With the extra water there is still naturally mucus but it is not blocking the system.

Now to my illness. I was having a massage early December, and left with a sore throat and the start of the flu. I say this because I am claiming that the flu came from an internal source – not external. This was a mild flu but I let it run its course for about a week – vitamins and food only. Then I went to a Thai herbal doctor. I had visited him once before in September because I had cold on my chest and the herbs seemed to get rid of it although one or two detox reactions were powerful. This time I took the medicine for a few days then stopped as I started vomiting every time I ate. I didn’t understand why herbal treatment should do that. Sometimes natural cures can cause violent reactions if too much of the natural cure was taken, maybe an answer?

My recovery from the flu and herbs was slow, and people around me said I looked awful. I worked hard at dealing with the problem. Iron tablets gave me black shit but didn’t really help. I took a lot of electrolytes, they pepped me up but I soon slowed down again. It reminded me a lot of Hepatitis Z. When in Africa I came down with a liver problem. Each morning I would wake up fine, I would go to work and by the end of teaching at 1.00pm I would get the flu. I went home and slept for the rest of the day. I called it Hepatitis Z because they were hepatitis symptoms. and it was Africa so fun to exaggerate. At that time I trusted the medical system a little, and went to a doctor. He tested my blood and told me that my liver numbers were high, consistent with a heavy drinker. Whilst I had previously been an alcoholic, I hadn’t touched the drink for at least 5 years. He gave me pills that helped, but hep Z lasted nearly 3 months. I’d heard rumours there was an acupuncturist working at the local hospital. I had had acupuncture before beneficially, and overcame my illness-induced apathy and went to see her. One treament and Hep Z went – amazing. With this current illness I felt my liver was a bit like the Hep Z, so was drinking lots of curcumin water (turmeric water). And lots of green juice. But I was still tired and my liver and kidneys still felt off.

Now to the water. In my new house I have two sources of water – pumped from a lake and mains. When I first moved in my body was suspicious about the water. I walked around the area near my home and there was so much pesticide being used on the fruit that I presumed it was getting into the water table – quite frightening. I have not lived rural before and just seeing how much pesticide they use makes me more confirmed in my decision to eat organic as much as possible. I became proud of myself. The farms here use blue pipes to water the crops, and the plumbing into the house is also these blue pipes. I found out where the mains pipes were and I built an extension pipe into my kitchen – into my filter machine. It worked and I felt good that I had done it. My filter machine sales person checked it, and I thought all was well.

My illness was dragging on. I was improving slightly but I still felt tired and weak. Sat 19th Jan I was awake most of the night and my body was telling me water. I resolved to stop drinking the filtered water, and bought bottled water as soon as the shops opened. Within a day I felt improvement, and now two weeks later I feel fine. So what was happening with the water? I had been warned about the mains. It was not the same mains as I was used to in the county town. The mains in my village is taken from a local lake, but it is not chemically-treated as much as in the towns – this was confirmed by the lady at the blood test clinic. So the “village mains” working through the filter machine was still leaving something in the water that was damaging my health.

This water solution resolved an important issue. Why had I had such a bad reaction to the Thai herbs? The week before the 19th I went back to the herbal doctor, he was helpful. My Thai teacher translated for me, and I ended up going for a blood test. By the time I got to the blood test – Tuesday 22nd, I had resolved the problem as being the filtered mains water. I even took the water to the lab test clinic but there was no cheap testing. My body had tested the water and found it wanting, but for other people they want proof. My blood was clear. I was actually surprised. I thought my liver and kidneys would have shown signs of wear and tear because of the toxins from the water, but they didn’t. I am convinced the vomiting was the herbs getting rid of the toxins from my liver and kidneys, and the doctor seemed to agree when I took the blood results back to him. We discussed the results a while, and he thought again about my cold chest and gave me some tablets for wind element. Because of my diet my bowels were generally regular, irregular bowels were a wind problem to him, but he persevered with his diagnosis, and I got wind pills. I was surprised again because I didn’t know Thai herbal doctors were into the five elements. I am guessing that it came from Ayurveda where what he is describing as wind is the air element. This has done two things for me. It has found a new underlying condition, Dottie???, and it is pushing me into studying the Ayurveda stuff – not so much the doshas but the elements. A good way forward.

Since I have been taking the wind pills I have noticed improvement and stuff going on in my head as well as minor reactions with passing wind and bowel movements. It made me think. I told the herbal guy about my GERD, and that flashed blocked wind to him. I should have mentioned the lifetime of migraines that had gradually been disappearing. In addition the mucus being blocked is a pointer. All indicate air to me but I don’t know for sure – no study yet. But the plus about all this is that I don’t have to study. Since I started mb 6 and 1/2 years ago I have been going it alone in a sense, but of course not alone significantly because of the help of online people and Paul Pitchford. Now I don’t have to work through it myself I can be lazy and go to the doctor. I am better off than before the illness – if only I could speak Thai to him.

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Making Drinks Count

Posted by billzant on May 25, 2012

When I first visited the natural healing clinic for GERD, the doctor told me diet. He focussed on the food, he knew I didn’t drink but he said I should stop tea and coffee as well. At my insistence he gave me some Thai drinks that I could try – ginger, hibiscus and matuum. I did this, but over the few years drinks have taken on greater importance.

First and foremost is water. He did not advise drinking water, but I have since learnt that for me (84 kg) 2litres a day of filtered water on its own is essential. Water is the main body mechanism for detox. We wake up and pass water. In addition I take a flask of 1 litre of warm water to bed with me, and begin the day with that water. You are what you drink, and we are made of water.

The next important drink is rejuvelac – nam khao klong in Thailand. Basically you put some rice in the bottom of a container, fill it with water, and let it ferment for a couple of days. Pour off the liquid, and this drink is excellent for bowel movements and more.

Next came the green drink. A friend had high cholesterol, and I tried to persuade her the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. She tried a chlorophyll drink and it helped, then she started to teach me making me have leafy green juice at her restaurant – thamachaat (natural). At home I compromised with bai tooi (pandanus), maruun, ginger and lemon juice, all in the blender. What is so good about this green juice is that I go into the garden, cut the bai tooi and the maruun from what I have grown. Sadly that is my limited success in the garden.

On a diet when you start detox, you begin to realise the importance of the liver for getting rid of toxins. Turmeric is excellent for this but then I found kvas as well. To begin with I just used beetroot:-

• 3 medium or 2 large organic beets (roots only), peeled and chopped up coarsely; do not grate beets.
• 1/4 cup whey. 1 tablespoon ocean sea salt
• filtered water

1. Use vacuum jar I bought.
2. Add filtered water to fill the container(s).
3. Stir well and cover securely.
4. Keep at room temperature for 2 days and then transfer to refrigerator.
5. Drink one 4 ounce glass, morning and night.

For your second batch refill the bottle with filtered water and let it ferment for two more days on the counter. After the second brewing discard the beets. However, reserve some of the beet kvass liquid and use this as your innoculant instead of the whey for the next time you make it.

I tried to make ginger ale at the same time, this didn’t work well, but I now mix the ginger drink with the beet kvas when I drink. Here is the ginger drink:-

1 small piece of ginger about 1 cubic inch, micro-grated
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (juice from one lemon)
1/4 cup honey
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp fresh whey
1 qt. water

I actually use quite a large piece that I grate. Mix everything thoroughly in an air-tight container, and let it sit at room temperature for 3-7 days. You may need to bleed off some CO2 depending on temperature – there arewarnings about too much gas causing jars to explode. I have found that the drink doesn’t carbonate, maybe the Thai climate. Refrigerate. This combined beet and ginger kvas feels good, and they say it is good for liver and kidneys.
Eventually in my healing I reached the importance of probiotics – chouai yooi. I first started with tablets, but I didn’t like them (and they were expensive) so I tried kombucha tea. As with all fermenting you need the starter, and, this is not good for Thailand, I ordered a scoby from the US. I had never done this fermenting before so it seemed strange, this piece of rubber. Anyway I followed the instructions and it worked. They sent a tea with it but I now use Thailand tea – oolong tea and even better Jiangulan, but sadly for “Eating healthily in Thailand” this scoby is the first thing I could not get here. I found no problem with using it:-

Where I am it takes a week. Make the tea first – 3 litres. In a pot 3 litres of water 4 spoons of tea and 4 dessert spoons of white sugar. Boil the water and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and cool for a day. Sieve out the tea leaves, pour the room temperature tea over the scoby, and leave for a week. My weeks alternate between oolong and jiangulan, and I assume my yoois are well chouaied.

There are two final drinks that I recommend although in truth I started these because of my GERD condition. The first is Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV. One part to 7 of water with a small amount of honey for taste, drink twice a day. The next is whole carrot juice, more accurately called carrot sludge – half a large carrot shredded mixed with 300cl of water – done in my combined food processor/blender. One drink with much washing-up but the enzymes from the carrot greatly helps the stomach rebalance itself.

Along with the great varieties of green tea available here especially mulberry and with hibisucs (rosella – grajiap) healthy drinking is well possible – with a bit of effort. What is significant is that these drinks are not just added to the diet but they are an integral part of it. Drinks count.


Here is a water calculator – it worked for me. 3.1 litres – 2 litres of water and and just over a litre of other drinks.

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