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Posted by billzant on April 11, 2009

In Paul Pitchford’s book “Healing through Whole Foods” he discussed rejuvelac, a healthy drink made from fermenting brown rice. Since Gee advised me to try it I have found it helpful.

I was talking with a neighbour, and she mentioned she goes down the road and pays 5 Baht for nam khao klong. I showed her how I was making it and she recognised it. She told me that she drank it daily because it is supposed to help with Alzheimer’s.

This is a typical example of what this blog is about. I am convinced these things are available in Thailand, the problem is knowing about it.

How I make rejuvelac:-

I have two old small cafetieres. I put half a cup of Raitong gaba brown rice in the bottom of each, two staggered by one day . After two days the first cafetiere is ready, and I have just over a glass full. The advantage of the cafetiere is that the plunger keeps the rice in the bottom when pouring – as I now don’t drink coffee they were lying around (not worth buying cafetieres especially). One portion of rice lasts 4 drinks.


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