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Food Inc

Posted by billzant on October 23, 2009

I have just watch this movie, “Food Inc”, and it knocked me back. Please download it here:-

Food Inc

I hope the multinationals have not got such a grip on Thailand, but if you know of examples or have information please post here


3 Responses to “Food Inc”

  1. I love your blog and will keep on reading

  2. billzant said

    Are you based in Thailand?

  3. Gee said

    Hi Bill
    Yes they have a grip in Thailand too:
    Last year there was a proposition of law to ban ginger as a natural pesticide.
    Monsanto “bought” 2 members of parliament, as Monsanto wants to get rid of all the dangerous products they may not use anymore in the west.
    Thanks for promoting my new blog, Bill šŸ˜€

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