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Soap Products

Posted by billzant on July 23, 2010

In Gee’s blog he spoke of the importance of natural soap products. I believe I have found these through Aden. The soap I use is Mangosteen Peel, and the company make a range from Chaophya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachinburi 037.211523.

The other cleaning stuffs I use, clothes, dish-washing and floor-cleaning, appear to be Aden’s own brand, on the bottle is 0291365713 and I have tried to use this contact a number of times with no success. However I have developed an improved relationship with the manager at Aden, so I ask her.

My system gives me skin problems, and they have been greatly reduced with the use of these products.


Over time these skin problems have disappeared with continued use of healthy soap products. Lately I have been buying the washing-up liquid and liquid detergent from OTOP.

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