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Big Pharma Whistleblower

Posted by billzant on August 30, 2010

Listen to this clip from Gwen Olsen, a drugs rep, telling it like it is:-

download here

The whistleblower’s name is Gwen Olsen, and there is more useful info at

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Good Karma – all natural

Posted by billzant on August 29, 2010

Found this online health food store in a posting at Thai Visa:-

Millet, quinoa, psyllium husks and flax seeds are starters for me. Checkout their website.


I continue to use Sylvie on a regular basis, she is the only online ordering I use now.

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PCRM Recipes

Posted by billzant on August 29, 2010

Found this They promote vegan as their “cancer project”. On this page they have many video clip recipes, perhaps you would like to try them

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