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About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Posted by billzant on May 23, 2011

I am convinced that excess yeast is quite endemic as a health problem. Yeast balance is essential in the human digestive system but bad diet means the yeast proliferates. I first came across candida when I had migraines, and a homeopath put me on candida diet. It helped but I didn’t follow it through. Since I have been eating cheewajit migraines have gone but I am convinced that yeast produces fatigue on occasions. Excess yeast is caused by antibiotics but also alcohol and sweet stuffs provide the internal conditions for the yeast to grow.

Thailand is mixed with regards to remedies for candida. You need to promote good bacteria in your digestive system, one supplement that does this is probiotics. This was why I contacted Natural and Premium as they had a good but expensive Herbal Pro probiotic drink. I can also order probiotics from Good Karma, but I can’t buy it locally.

However there are some good products that promote  good bacteria available. Mostly umeboshi plums, 60 baht for a big  jar from the market, known as Chinese plums called buai. I can also get some nice lime pickles, again 60 baht from the market.  There are diushes Thais make which are sour, this also helps produce a good digestive environment. With the rejuvelac this helps a great deal, but I wanted more.

For example there is no natural yoghourt – with acidophilis. And I wanted to make kefir but cannot get the starter. This is a problem for other fermented drinks such as kombucha tea – I cannot get starters. I wish the online stores would look into this starter issues.


I have moved much further on with pH balance and candida – please see fermentation page. I am always conscious of fermented products in my diet – usually drink.


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