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About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Posted by billzant on February 20, 2012

At the same time I bought the kombucha tea scoby, I bought kefir grains – even though kefir beauty products are available in Thailand I don’t know where to get grains. Initially I thought kefir was great but I am now not convinced. To begin with I made milk kefir eating this most days with fruit thinking it was good. But then I noticed that on Sundays headaches would start – not migraines but enough. I stopped eating milk kefir, and the headaches went. One up for the macrobiotics that says don’t eat dairy. I have included the milk kefir process below but you must decide – I have no doubts that milk kefir chuais the yooi.

I then began to make coconut milk kefir. Thailand is great for this – at least where I am is, because I can go to the market and get fresh coconut milk – they have a wierd-looking machine where they make it on the spot. The machine makes hua ga ti and hung ga ti – for this you only want hua ga ti. I put the kefir grains in a jar and put the hua ga ti on top – about one pint. After about a day the kefir forms on top, and I remove it putting it in the fridge. I leave the jar another couple of days and some more coconut kefir is formed – mostly liquid. I sieve this mixture so as I can separate the grains. I put the grains back in the jar and pour some of the liquid back on the grains. This helps the grains for the next batch. I put the rest of the liquid in the fridge, and it separates giving some coconut kefir. I go through this coconut kefir process weekly. This does not make as much coconut milk kefir as the milk kefir but it balances the taste of fruit nicely.

When the coconut milk separates to make the kefir the liquid that remains is whey, I use this in making kvas and the ginger ale drink later. Keep the whey in the fridge.

Update 10/3/12

The longer I have gone on with the coconut milk kefir the less satisfied I am. It makes little although what it makes is OK. I will try to keep the grains going but that’s all.

Milk Kefir

This is easier to make than the coconut kefir. Basically I used two pints of milk, pour the kefir grains in a two pint jar, filled it with milk and waited. After a couple of days the milk separated and on the top was milk kefir. I scooped this off and strained the rest reclaiming the grains. Then grains in the jar with two pints of milk giving the milk kefir again. Perhaps this made too much and that is why I got the headaches – I don’t know. Anyway I stopped and they have gone. But that doesn’t mean the same will happen to you. Try for yourself, but dairy is not human food!


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