Gin Sukapaap Dee

About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Posted by billzant on February 20, 2012

Clean all pots and food processor very well, but without soap, as soap also kills the good bacteria.

I find the food processor makes the chopping so much easier, and I like the veg being finer (than chopped) – looking like a fermented coleslaw (for westerners) .

Making kimchee is a three-stage process:-

1) Soak the veg:- Take two cabbages, 2 carrots and diakon. Using largest grater process these veg, and put them in a mixing bowl. Add 3 large tbsp of sea salt, and mix through with hands for 5 minutes so that the salt is mixed in with all the veg. Fill the bowl with water – maybe 1/2-1 inch above the veg. Cover the bowl with cloth, I use elastic to keep it in place. Leave the bowl to one side for 12-24 hours, much longer than that and mould forms (not wanted).

2) Preparing the kimchee:- After leaving the veg to soak for up to a day, make sauce. Ingredients are to your taste. I use 1 red pepper, 2 long thin green peppers (not strong), a bit of ginger and garlic, 2 or 3 tomatoes, ga bpii (paste of ground small fish), 2 or 3 onions. Put them in the food processor until it is a sauce. Drain the water (keep the drained salt water) from the soaked vegetables, and put veg and sauce in a bowl add a tbsp of sea salt and mix by hand again for about 5 minutes.

3) Making the kimchee:- get the ceramic or glass pots you are going to make the kimchee in – plastic not advisable; I use ceramic pot and glass jar. Empty the kimchee (mixed soaked veg and sauce) into your kimchee containers, and using the drained salt water just cover the kimchee mixture – no more. Cover your containers with tea-cloth (I use cloth and elastic), and leave containers. How long you leave the containers depends on where you live. As this is Thailand I leave it for three days – might be longer in cold season or in the North. After three days I inspect the kimchee, and I am looking for it about to have mould on top. Clean away this top layer of mould or slightly off covering, and put in fridge. I make a lot so I actually put the kimchee in the freezer except for what I need for the next few days – I eat a bit every day.

Messy on the hands, a bit timely, but once you’ve done it a few times it’s no big thing. Good – chuai yooi, bad – Thai women like it because it is spicy.


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