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Kombucha Tea

Posted by billzant on February 20, 2012

Now this is very straight-forward except for one thing – the scoby. You make kombucha tea from ordinary tea but to ferment the tea you need a scoby. Now a scoby just looks like a piece of rubber that sits in the bottom of the tea, and leaving it there ferments the tea making it kombucha tea. For Thailand getting the scoby is a problem, and I sent to the US for it. I found an address off the internet and had it shipped over, but they didn’t answer emails so I can’t recommend them (e-mail me if you want their address) .

You can use any tea you like, preferably natural tea. I use oolong tea and jiangulan tea. Fermenting the tea changes the taste so you try what works for you. Your scoby changes any tea so that is no problem. Your scoby also grows with fermentation so you can store it or pass it on!!

I make 4 pints of kombucha tea at a time, 1 teaspoon of tea for each pint, and – wait for it – 1 dessertspoonful of white sugar. Aaagghh! I know but the sugar is needed for the fermentation, and the fermentation process gets rid of the sugar, so I don’t think it’s a problem. Hasn’t been for me so far. Once you have made the tea, you must leave it for 24 hours until it is room temperature. I don’t remove the tea leaves while it is cooling, but I read that some do. Once you are ready to make the kombucha tea, strain out the leaves.

I have a plastic container with a tap for each drink. You put the scoby in the bottom of the container, pour in the tea, and leave it for a week. By this time fermentation has taken place and you have kombucha tea.

As I said above the scoby grows so I now have 2 kombucha tea containers. From the first batch an extra scoby had grown so I used that to make the second batch. Now the scoby just gets bigger, and I cut it for storage or throw it.

I drink one tea one week, and the other the next – making new tea every Thursday (how boring!).


I have really taken off with this fermentation. I drink 2/3 glasses every day, and I make green Aden tea (2 caskets) and hibiscus.


8 Responses to “Kombucha Tea”

  1. Chand said

    Dear sir,
    I need the scol to make my kambucha tea .pls recommend me in Thailand .

  2. Andy said

    Hi, I’m also a big fan of kombucha and I’m looking for a scoby too. Do you know where I can get one in Bangkok? Thank you

  3. billzant said

    Andy, bad news I don’t. I live in Jangwat Trat, maybe something can be arranged?

  4. jcprobert said


    Do you give any kombucha seeds away?
    I am interested in starting growing kombucha.


    • billzant said

      I will try to help but I don’t live in Bangkok. What you want is a scoby(a bit like a piece of rubber) – not seeds. The scoby is immersed in the tea and is a starter which ferments and makes the kombucha tea. I don’t know them but Ethos cafe in Khao Saan Road sells kombucha tea, they might be willing to sell you a scoby. I sent to the States for mine.

  5. Aaron said

    Hi there! 🙂
    Could you give me the contact for the scoby you sent for in the US.
    I’d love to make my own Kombucha here in TH.
    Thanks so much!

  6. There is pretty great organic kombucha tea available in Chiang Mai. The company is called Cha Mama and I believe they send a SCOBY within Thailand. Check out

    Happy brewing!

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