Gin Sukapaap Dee

About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Posted by billzant on February 20, 2012

The first fermentation I used was Rejuvelac picked up from Paul Pitchford’s “Healing through Whole Foods”. I have two rejuvelac on the go at a time, and have used old cafetieres – coffee not now being on the menu. The advantage of the cafetieres is that the plunger stops any floating rice getting in the drink.

In the bottom of the cafetiere I put rice – the equivalent of one meal portion; I use Organic Brown Gaba Rice I get from Gee at Orgathai. I also add a tablespoonful of rice-germ (jamuu khao in Thai). I fill with water and allow it to ferment for two days. To serve just depress the plunger and pour into a glass. I run two so that there is always a glass available every morning.


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