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Parasite Purge

Posted by billzant on August 28, 2016

This morning has been difficult health-wise yet I feel very positive.

I have recent issues – constant overweight of 90kg, cold chest and stomach, and I am hoping these will be resolved from what I have worked out.

This morning I began the parasite purge, and just one time with the brown rice I had a deep reaction convincing me of the presence of parasites. There were reactions in my stomach and my breathing was heavy. This suggests to me that my lungs and stomach issue is related to parasites and not just a weakening in old age, and my overweight might be parasitic-related.

Here in Thailand water is difficult for westerners. There is not the level of water treatment that there is in the West (too much in the West needing a flter). Even tourists know not to drink the tapwater but that is not the issue for me. I live in rural Thailand, and not all the water sources are mains. I have just moved and that alerted me to the possible problem. They call it nam bor, what might be loosely translated as water treated from a borehole. A Thai friend described this water as better, but I feel that Thai people have a stronger immunity to their water issues than I do.

I use a water filtration system that gives high pH, and I used it with this nam bor. I was not sure of the results. It has happened before – 4 years ago. When I last lived off the mains-treated water, the water with my filtration system made me ill. I started drinking bottled water then, and felt better. I am not confident with the water in my new house and have started using bottled water.

I have used the parasite purge twice. Once when I first started cheewajit nearly 10 years ago, and once a few years later. I felt better after both. I made a mistake. When I realised that the rural water was not good I should have done a parasite purge so it is possible I have been fighting parasites for 4 years, now I have issues with the water again I am doing the purge. And I had an immediate response.

There is another issue with my water at home, I bathe in the treated water; can parasites enter the body whilst showering? On top of this my exercise is swimming in the sea, what parasites am I subject to there? And then there are my beach dogs. Therefore I must do an annual parasite purge.

So what is the purge?

1) ¼ cup of raw brown rice in the morning. Because my teeth are shot I rinse and grind the rice the night before. Chew the rice until it is pulp, and swallow. Wait three hours before eating. Do this for 7 days, break for 3, do again for 7 days.

2) Teaspoon of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) before eating.

3) Clove of garlic between meals.

4) Sauerkraut or kimchi to replenish the gut bacteria. Tablespoon every meal.

I am slack with fermented foods despite this blog recognising their importance. I have kombucha tea on the go at the moment but I am not sure whether my scoby remains are good enough. I have plain yoghurt but am not sure of how good that is. And I don’t use sauerkraut or kimchi anywhere near enough. I hope I will persevere with the fermented stuff.

But the main point of this blog is the Parasite Purge itself. My thanks as always to Paul Pitchford with his health bible “Healing though Whole Foods” – Parasite Purge discussed App A pp 654-666. I resolve now to do the purge annually, will I?

(Written 20/8/16)

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