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Lactose Intolerant

Posted by billzant on January 25, 2017

Since the beginning of November I have been suffering with digestion issues, and I finally tried to resolve them with acupuncture. Immediately the worst aspects of reflux and the “fullness-feeling” that was giving me sleep problems disappeared. Well almost! Late night last Saturday I snacked on a cheese sandwich, and reflux came; so in the middle of the night I chucked out some lovely cheese!! Following this, last night after butter on my sandwich at 8.00pm I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach – almost reflux; so, middle of the night again, butter also hit the bin. I don’t drink milk but attribute these refluxes to a lactose intolerance based on old age and based on my system being better attuned with the acupuncture and recognising that dairy is not good for it. This is my lactose intolerance.

However I have found some nice bread – gaba rice bread that has not given me the wheat problems – other wholemeal breads I have given me problems recently.

Now I need butter – vegan butter, something to spread on the bread so that it is not dry. Sesame seems a good start but tahini is dry.

Sesame butter

1. 1/2 cup sesame seeds
2. 1 Tbsp each toasted sesame oil and sunflower or canola oil (2 Tbsp total)
3. 1/2 cup honey

INSTRUCTIONS(Amended online recipe)

1) Roast the sesame seeds in the Otto countertop convection oven
2) Once roasted sufficiently, they can be ground in the grinder – fill the grinder.
3) Once ground, in the blender mix with 1/2 cup of sesame oil.
4) Now mix in honey to taste, and blend.

Just made this, can use it instead of butter. NOT too dry.

Almond butter
– not tried yet

A creamy almond butter that’s more affordable than the store-bought versions!

• 3 cups almonds

I found almond flakes so will try those.

1. Place the almonds in a food processor fitted with an “S” blade. Secure the lid and allow to process for 20-30 minutes, stopping and scraping down the sides as needed throughout the process.
2. The almond butter is ready with the oils have released and the resulting butter is very smooth and creamy– this takes more time than you’d expect, so be patient!
3. Transfer the almond butter to a sealed glass jar, and store in the fridge for best shelf life.

Guacamole butter
– not tried yet

Problem – lost s-tool for food processor so how to mash avocado


3 tablespoons coconut oil, olive oil, or a combination of the two (I prefer a mix of both)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon granulated onion
1/8 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 medium Hass avocado (about 3/4 cup mashed avocado)
2 teaspoons lime juice


Place oil, salt, and seasoning in food processor and process until oil is soft and creamy.
Add peeled and pitted avocado and lime juice.
Process until smooth and oil is thoroughly combined with avocado.
If your avocado is cold, bring to room temperature before using, otherwise it won’t mix with the oils well.


It is interesting that this lactose intolerance has appeared after a lifetime of eating too much cheese. During my adult life I have been an avid butter and cheese eater, a number of times I was vegetarian and my main protein was cheese – a typical lazy meal was boiled veg with a lump of cheese, and I often made cheese pasta dishes. In Thailand vegetarian is usually translated as gin jer, but Thai vegetarian restaurants (gin jer) don’t have dairy, in fact I believe Thais think eating cheese is like meat-eating. So gin jer is vegan. Cheewajit (and macrobiotices) don’t eat dairy, and I was just giving in to taste in eating it. And suffering as a consequence. Here is John McDougall on food for cows rather than humans – NOT for this human now.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Matriellez, Zandtao.

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