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Freaking at Blood Test

Posted by billzant on October 25, 2017

Disappointing day today. I have been feeling much better after a relatively difficult year; for someone who doesn’t know me I am highly critical of my health self, problems I have always seek to optimise rather than looking for cure to bad illness – probably if I was seriously ill I wouldn’t say anything. This time last year I had trouble with reflux because I had let cheese creep in. Whilst still treating the reflux problem on 14 Feb I had heart issue which worried me. I had test numbers with high Triglycerides and low HDL. I have continued metabolism treatment and treatment for heart, and have been feeling much better – feeling good. And the swimming was back up.

I asked Dr Nakrian why I was having treatment, and she had missed a 6-month retest deadline she had in her mind. I did the test again, triglycerides the same HDL lower.

I checked this page – 9 things to raise HDL, and almost all 9 (except the obvious) I don’t do. I look at diet and it says low carb diet. Whilst I am eating cheewajit it is high carbs and fish – because I am lazy. Now it must be low carbs and fish, soup low carbs and fish. I got lazy with greens, change the way I cook – go back to steaming veg. Steam veg, glass bowl oven fish and olive oil fry aubergines, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes – low heat. Change soup:- green juice base, tomatoes garlic mushrooms, rice carrots and beetruit only high carb – and hoi. Here are pikkies.


I should know if I am thinking lazy cooking, I am thinking unhealthy cooking.

Eat coconut oil every day.

Purple – aubergines and berries blueberries, blackberries. Maybe those berry fruit shots will help.

I just looked at Glycemic load written after the last test. I am eating all the fruits to avoid and potatoes!!! I should read my own blogs especially as no-one else reads them. What a fool!

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Matriellez, Zandtao.


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