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Yanging my macrobiotic diet

Posted by billzant on November 6, 2017

Just over 10 years ago I had an awful trip up to Bangkok on the bus, the night before I had reflux and on the journey I had a migraine. I had another miserable night in the hotel and decided to go to a natural health practitioner when I happened to pass one in Ari. This began my diet which I have described in the Zandtao plan. In this plan there are 5 stages:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance
Stress Free

If you follow macrobiotics you will notice something missing.

Over a period of 6 years I personally went through these stages, and my health greatly improved – I was flying. I had told cells recreate themselves in 7 years and I was hoping for a kind of peak. Then it went wrong. After 6 years I developed hormone problems, I had repeated flus and a seriously cold chest – a Farang wearing fleece in Thailand. I tried to redress that with cheese, and after a stop-start this eventually led to reflux towards the end of last year. This year I had a serious incident leading me to check my blood which had high triglyrcerides. I got treatment from an acupuncturist and felt great, repeated the blood test and the triglycerides.

The acupuncturist said triglycerides is diet, and somewhat arrogantly I said my diet was better than hers. I had focussed on diet was doing all that I could but my triglycerides were high. She said my system was yin, I had been told that 4 years earlier with the hormone problem. But I had given up putting it all down to ageing.

Here is where the sound mb people will tell me what is going on, I was not balancing my diet. In following my mb diet I had made no effort to make my diet yin-yang. As a result my detox diet was predominantly yin, and this was reflected in my yin conditions which included the heart, digestion and hormone problems.

So I did a long overdue yinyang table

using Greg Samples yinyang table (I had an excellent dialogue with Greg online one time that made me respect some libertarianism but not now with Trump).

This was so yin-skewed I was not surprised that my condition was yin. So I needed yang and I looked, Greg, and I couldn’t do it. So I am eating meat every two days – gammon steaks and liver, my acupuncturist said I should add a little Muu (pig’s meat).

My body feels better in a week but I am not banking on that – I could easily be deluding myself. 6 months for the next blood test to see.

There are a few ironies in this, high triglycerides means low carbs – more yin. To balance the yin with yang I am eating red meat which is not at all recommended for heart conditions. To improve my health I am eating food with toxins. I was so completely aware of how toxic my body had become that it took a lot to consider eating toxins.

I intend spending time looking for non-toxic meat but I hold out little hope here – especially not gammon and liver.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- MandtaoMatriellez, Zandtao.


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