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How far down was yin taking me?

Posted by billzant on December 17, 2017

My health has taken a turn for the better, and I consider my circumstances have made me lucky. I wanted to tell you because you move in health circles – mb church

I started my healthy eating 10 years ago, I retired 11 years ago because I was sick of the problems in teaching. But at the same time my health was not good, and my life was limited – going to work, going home and resting, and enjoying teacher holidays. I had stomach and sleeping issues which I put down to stress. When I retired there was no stress, yet the issues mainly reflux and migraines remained. After a bad time I happened to be going to Bangkok, and happened to pass a clinic that turned out to be a natural health clinic. I went in and the doctor said diet. When I examined what he had asked me to do, and the diets that I saw on the internet, I got drawn to mb.

Over the next 5/6 years my health gradually improved, and I felt good – reflux and migraines gone. 7 years was an important time as that is when the body is supposed to have renewed itself – being toxin free.

But at 5/6 years it started to go wrong. I remember speaking to you about hormones and andropause. I had a cold chest in Thailand which was weird. A year ago reflux returned, and last February I had a minor incident concerning my heart. NOT a heart attack. I was swimming as usual, and there was a wind – to amuse you 300C and a cooling sea breeze!! I began to feel weak, I got in the car to go home, didn’t feel so good all the way home.

Here is the fortuitous part. I have no access to the various supposedly-alternative medical practitioners there are in the West. There are two sources of natural healing here – TTM (Thai Tradional medicine – Thai herbs and massage) and TCM (acupuncture and Chinese herbs). I had been to see a Thai herbal doctor who had helped but not significantly. A newly-qualified Trat resident had started a TCM practice – she looked so young I call her Mor Nakrian (Doctor Student). She has treated me off and on for four years so when the reflux started last November I went to her and she made it better quickly. But I had been putting on weight, it was concerning me. Instead of being between 80-85kg I had reached 95kg. Weight and hormones meant a metabolism issue, and so she was treating me for that when the heart thing happened.

In April she asked me to have a blood test which gave me results that said you’re going for a heart attack – high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol just inside the limit. She started treating me for this. I reduced my swimming, but walked and did chi gung. She moaned a lot about wind. I have acclimatised so much that the seasonal changes were doing me in. I became conscious of the affect the aircon was having on me. The heart thing meant my extremities were suffering so I was wearing wooly hats socks and using a blanket with the aircon. Old Thai man style.

After 6 months of acupuncture I was feeling good and asked her why I was still coming. So she sent me for another blood test and the numbers were slightly worse. I felt good but was still a heart attack waiting to happen.

Here is where I am getting to the point – sorry!! She said triglycerides means diet. In suitable arrogant fashion I said that my diet was better than hers!! Her assistant sat down with me and got out a yin-yang chart, and I realised. I know I haven’t followed the yin-yang part of mb, so when she was telling me yin-yang it came home to me. In acupuncture terms all the things that have happened to me have been yin excess.

In my 20s I had my first visit to acupuncture and she told me that my headaches were yang excess. It was about that time I became vegetarian, and have been vegetarian most of my life. I was in Africa 6 years in my 40s, and there didn’t seem sufficient veg to risk it so I ate meat becoming vegetarian again when I left Africa at 48. My first real health issue came three years later, and I now see it as hormones and andropause; I couldn’t sleep. I changed jobs and somehow sleep sorted itself out mostly but I developed the stomach I associated with stress. And then the rest as I described above.

In my life I have been mostly vegetarian eating too much cheese (yang but not healthy). When I started what I described as mb, I was eating a plant-based diet with fish once a week – although I later ate more fish. My diet was unbalanced – too yin – as can be seen from this table:-

I know it is toxic but they made me eat meat, and I feel better for it. It has been two months so I should wait to draw my conclusions. But I feel that my mostly plant-based diet was putting me at risk.

The other night I watched this talk by Michael Greger. He describes statistics that show many weaknesses about a plant-based diet but within the context of plant-based he attempts solutions. He does not discuss yin-yang but meat balances yin-yang even though it is extreme.

The nub of what I am saying is that over the years I have increasingly “yinned” my system. I was lucky to be seeing an acupuncturist who only sees in terms of yin and yang so rather than supporting the healthy practice of a non-processed diet she saw dangers because of my health conditions and the lack of yin-yang balance.

Now my plant-based diet has more fish than is mb, and definitely more than vegan. Now I met you through vegan. I am sure the extremes of my diet don’t appeal to you but at least it is yin-yang. Before it was not and I was developing yin excess syndromes, flus, hormones, digestion, sleep, metabolism, cold chest and weak heart. I should note that the yin excess conditions were disguised by my ageing, and was put down to my getting older. I have ignored age-change approaches and returned to “more swimming”.

I have no idea whether the plant-based approach produces yin excesses in everyone – although logic tells me it would. But I see this as a warning. The toxins in meat seriously worry me but my toxic balance is good so maybe I can cope. It struck me this morning (hence why I am writing this), maybe I am being melodramatic but was my healthy diet killing me?

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

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One Response to “How far down was yin taking me?”

  1. zandtao said

    Interesting developments with a bit of background. I started my MB diet maybe 11 years ago, and it helped me a great deal. I was hoping to hit 7 years and get a clean slate. After 5 years I began getting a series of flus, sought help and it was suggested it was andropause. I focussed on a hormone diet, and let up on some of the more rigid MB practice because I was disappointed. Things worsened until I was bullied into the meat – easiest yang. I have felt better but there have still been issues but no flus. What has suffered is the reflux, one of the original reasons for starting the diet, and my sleep because of the reflux, All of this I have described as weakening digestion because of old age. Until the last couple of days. I have just finished a detox, the first in maybe 3 years, thinking that I needed to clean out my liver. The detox was useful but there was not much discomfort due to toxins, sleep went haywire – but there was no reflux. Then I went back to normal eating; the reflux and different sleep problems came back with a vengeance. I decided it was gluten, and removed the healthy bread and muesli from my diet. Things were better but I refluxed a white liquid – a malt drink I have. And then my digestive system just completely relaxed. Things are not normal but I have every confidence as my less rigid MB practice was allowing gluten from a gluten-free diet for 5 years.

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