Gin Sukapaap Dee

About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Thailand has a strong history of traditional medicine combing the two branches of massage and herbal treatment. Hopefully we can discuss the advantages of such herbal treatments but to begin with here is a summary table of some Thai herbs:-

8 Responses to “Herbs”

  1. gee said

    Hi Bill,
    I saw you writing a recipe with Het Bua – a local chick pea .
    Isnt “het” a mushroom?
    and taste it like chickpeas as now I use imported chickpeas from the middle east.

    • billzant said

      Dear Gee,

      You say you import chick peas from the Middle East. Are they good suppliers? Do they sell other “healthy” foods?

      Isn’t India’s chana “chick peas”? Is it not easier to get Inidan food where you are?

      Maybe not there are many Middle East restaurants around Sukhumvit Soi 3/5/7/9?

      Hope you are keeping well,

      All the Best

      Bill Z

  2. billzant said

    Dear Gee,

    The recipe I think you are referring to can be found here:-

    I originally wrote het bua, and have now changed it to met bua as I think that’s what I should have called it. I am not sure but I think met bua are seeds from the lotus plant. They taste like chick peas to me but I don’t think they are chick peas.

    Definitely not het – mushrooms.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best

    Bill Z

  3. gee said

    Dear Bill
    yes indeed, now it make sense, “met” is grain or seed and bua is lotus.
    Ok I will check on the market if I can find it
    thx again

  4. billzant said

    The link

    is not going to where I want. Am working on it.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best

    Bill Z

  5. billzant said

    The link goes to the table on herbs now.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best

    Bill Z

  6. gee said

    Dear Bill, in Sukumvit soi 3 there is a muslim store which sells everything you need from there:
    I went there and I said “Salaam alaikum” and they accepted me 🙂

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