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About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


Eating out is always difficult on a diet. Whilst there are always online sources for restaurants it is better to get recommendations. With macrobiotics in Thailand brown rice is an issue as white rice is ubiquitous. In the blog there will be recommendations. Please add your own.

May Kaidee

May has opened a series of restaurants in Banglamphu near Khaosan Road, please see her site for details ( This lace was a godsend for me once I started the diet. I had visited there before when not on diet but then to find that I could eat there and eat healthy macrobiotic food is excellent.

Her food is suitable for macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian as well as being organic.

One small quibble. Some of her food contains TVP. Whilst natural soy is fine I have concerns about processed soy.

Well worth a visit.

Cafe Corner

This is another healthy restaurant located in Banglamphu –

It has recently moved (just a few houses), and has a restaurant bar and an alcove across the street. Pleasant for a fuddy-duddy like me – music! I avoided this before because it was backpackers. It still is but it is pleasant as well.

They offer vegan as well as vegetarian dishes but do sell cheese – cheese baguettes etc.

Well worth a visit.

Thanma Restaurant

Thamna restaurant, called tham-na hometaurant, is a small restaurant opposite Soi 8 on Thanon Samsen Road. You could get a taxi to Thanon Samsen Soi 8 (Soi bpeut), cross over immediately, and walk 2 or 3 shops to the left and you will reach it.

It is a pleasant place with a few metal tables, I think of them as European-type cafe tables. On the door is advertised organic free range eggs and germinated brown rice. I had the rice and feel it is the healthiest rice I have had in Bangkok restaurants. The soup was pleasant and creamy, and all-in-all I am pleased to have found another restaurant that is healthy to eat in in Bangkok and Banglamphu. Next time I will ask if it contains dairy!!

They are not completely vegan offering cheese  dishes – did not try them.

In addition they have wifi!


So I have found another place I could eat at.

Walking down Khaosaan Road a flier was pushed into my hand. Normally I take them and throw them away, but it turned out to be for a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. I gave it a go, once I checked that it had brown rice.

So I had a curry (gaeng) with tomato and tofu, and I was surprised because it was nice. Why was it surprising? Because I walked into a young things’ place. It was Lonely Planet and chatting up. Years ago I would have loved it, but I was at least 20 years older than anyone there it didn’t feel too comfortable.

If it was food only it was fine but …. Maybe I’ll go back …. anyway at least it’s a choice – much more than I’ve got where I live!!

Baan Suan Pai

More on Gee’s food court at Baan Ari BTS

304 Phahon Yothin Road (between Soi 4- 6 Phahon Yothin, just before the gas station)


Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out

Car park, retail health food and natural medicine shop, air-conditioned dining building, and a large covered open air dining area. Food is purchased by coupon from a variety of individual vendors. Serve yourself buffet style and clean up after yourself when finished. There are no serving staff. Open daily 7.00-14.00. Location is in 2 places, across the street from one another. Can be reached by Skytrain. Baan Ari direction: from BTS Ari Exit 1 and go straight about 100 m on the right hand side between EXIM Bank and Esso gas station. You will see a small street, go to that street and you will find the outdoor restaurant there.

Another restaurant is opposite. Go from BTS ARI Exit 2, go straight about 100 m on the left hand side and it’s next to Caltex gas station. turn left and go to small street just 20 steps.

I have tried the open-air dining area and the food is good. I have not tried the restaurant opposite – next time I will check it out.

Tamarind cafe

Tamarind cafe is in the food court on floor 5 of MBK. They offer a variety of vegetarian dishes. There did not seem to be many choices with brown rice, but I had a very tasty mushroom dish with brown rice and a few veg. I also had a stir-fried broccoli from the nearby Chinese kiosk. I found herb teas in the sweets counter near the entrance.

It is quite expensive – the above coming to over 300 baht with compulsory service charge, but a safe place to eat in Siam!

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  1. gee said

    There is a cheewajit food court close to BTS Ari in Bangkok. Leave the BTS towards Soi 4 and about 250 meters further you have a cosmetic shop, in the back of this shop you have a vegetarian foodcourt and I think most is cheewajit. For 25 thb you can eat well there.

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