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About a Healthy Diet in Thailand


In the macrobiotic diet you eat grains, veg, beans and fruit mainly. Brown rice is readily available, but is it organic brown rice? What about other grains?

If you look at a macrobiotic recipe book there are many items that are not available in the supermarkets or local stores. Are there any suppliers prepared to deliver? If so please write a comment.

Thai Organic Life

These people have a shop in Koh Samui and have a website at

Checkout the website and see this page for mail ordering:-

If there is more on offer why not post here?

Muslim Store – chick peas

Dear Bill, in Sukumvit soi 3 there is a muslim store which sells everything you need from there:
I went there and I said “Salaam alaikum” and they accepted me 🙂 gee

Organic Flax seed

Village supermarket – near Sukhumvit soi 33

Raitong Organics Farm

The Raitong Organics Farm (“Raitong” means “Golden Land”) was established in 2009 for the purposes of producing, processing and selling certified 100% organic and natural products, primarily focusing on various types of Hom Mali GABA rice (sold under the Khao Srikram brand) for both the domestic and international markets (we will also be producing 100% organic herbs and spices, and spa products in the near future). Their rice can be bought through Gee at Orgathai

For more info:

1) Check Raitong Organics facebook group in the Blogroll.

2) Read this info –

Good Karma – all natural

Found this online health food store in a posting at Thai Visa:-

Millet, quinoa, psyllium husks and flax seeds are starters for me. Checkout their website.


Gee has started a new online store – Orgathai, check it out.

Santi Asoke

Santi Asoke are a Buddhist sect who are engaged Buddhists and mindful consumers. They have a community at Chatuchak where they have a good vegetarian restaurant and foodstore including organic veg. Check this blog entry for more details.


I rely on the Aden’s shop where I live. It is an organic food shop that caters to Cheewajit – Thailand’s macrobiotic diet. Unfortunately they are not everywhere, but where you find them they are an excellent source of healthy food. Sadly I have no response to individual requests from their website.

Lemon Farm

Here is their website in Thai. Gee sells some of their food. There is no Lemon Farm in my area.

2 Responses to “Sourcing”

  1. billzant said

    I have tasted Raitong’s rice, it is very good. And Bryan was very helpful in arranging for delivery. Definitely a good resource in Thailand.

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