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Posted by billzant on March 7, 2012

B12 is something we need, within the URL’s I have quoted there is sufficient information taht makes that clear. I read of Christine Pirello (her B12 story) who was vegan macrobiotic and made herself seriously ill after her natural supplies of B12 ran out. She had cured herself of leukemia through vegan macrobiotics, and then experienced this aneurism through B12 deficiency. “With simple supplementation, an increase in good quality fat…and a new understanding of how to balance work and rest, I have, once again, discovered the great life promised me by this lifestyle” is how she dealt with the problem.

Now personally I am against the use of supplements especially vitamin supplements. I am willing to take spirulina supplements as that is the only way I can get those algae (when I can get them), but industry marketing vitamin supplements I don’t trust.

In Thailand I found ga bpi and a good source of shell food at the market. Ga bpi is shrimp paste ground with the shells and I add this to a vegetable coconut milk dish I make. I often add mussels (hoi) to this as well – shellfish are good for old bones, and sometimes add the ga bpi for salt in my food. In general I feel that we are given foods by Nature and therefore don’t believe it is necessary to avoid natural foods such as meat,. However, and this is important, I consider the conditions that we keep our animals in and the dangers we cause ourselves with all the antibiotics sufficient for me not to eat meat. Disagree? Watch the movies “Earthlings” and Food Inc, and form your own conclusion. There are vegetarian zealots who might disagree about my minimal fish consumption but we must all reach our own conclusions.

In this article concerning B12 Dr Mercola discusses the possibility of different human types needing different types of food consumption. I don’t know about how far I go with this. I certainly do not accept that it justifies excessive meat consumption (daily basis). But when we are under fire from animal lib zealots I think it is important for us to recognise that we require different food intakes. I know a vegan mb friend in good health who says that the body provides what it needs through a form of transmutation. He has been a healthy vegan mb for a long time so it works for him, but it did not work for Christine Pirello.

For all vegans and vegetarians the need to consider B12 intake is very serious in the long term, make it part of your diet. Here is a vegan site with B12 details.


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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

When Thai people ask me what is my diet I say “Cheewajit”. For me Cheewajit is a Thailand diet which is macrobiotic without the yinyang balance. Many Thais say to me they do Cheewajit a bit!!

Cheewajit is very important to me and one of the main reasons I am trying to develop this blog. All Thai people who eat Cheewajit will use recipes and access sourcing for foods in Thailand that macrobiotic people could use. So ginsukapaapdee is asking for their contributions. Can you help us with restaurants, sourcing and recipes?

Cheewajit  is a diet started by Dr Sathit who has a foundation promoting his cures. There is  a Cheewajit website (in Thai)

and the foundation promotes training and activities. In Bangkok Dr Sathit is based at Bangkok 9 International Hospital, 10th floor.

Email for the website is


Sadly Dr Sathit has died but I understand that his work continues at the hospital. I also believe there is a Cheewajit magazine.

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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

What do these people eat?

Vegans – people do not eat meat, fish or dairy.

Vegetarian – people do not eat meat or fish.

Macrobiotics – people tend to eat natural food and balance their foods using the principle of yinyang. They tend not to eat processed foods, sugar, coffee etc. They eat mainly grains, beans, vegetables and fruit – and a little fish.

In Thailand brown rice is a good indication of healthy food but in restaurants it is rare to find brown rice. Buying brown rice is quite easy as main supermarkets have it, but it is more difficult to buy organic brown rice.

A vegetarian diet can be more healthy but not eating meat or fish only marginally improves your health. Of course a vegetarian diet can embrace healthier eating such as not eating processed foods.

It is healthier to eat organic food as organic food has not been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. It is not known how much these chemicals affect the foods but logic tells us that foods without pesticides are less likely to be harmful.

If we write about restaurants, can we write (with tags) suitable for macrobiotics, vegans or vegetarians and whether food is organic?

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