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Broad healing

Posted by billzant on January 2, 2012

I just read this article by Verne Verona on macrobiotics. The problem with macrobiotics is that it just focusses on food, or at least most of the people who claim they follow macrobiotics do. In theory the macrobiotic approach is much wider including meditation and chi, but far too often this is not advocated. In the end healing, at whatever level, becomes an analysis of minutiae with regards to food preparation, and ignore the breadth necessary for whole healing. As a non-processed diet helps the body, many are convinced they are doing enough with the diet, and miss the essentials of developing good human energy and a stable mind.

The article begins with an amusing irony concerning the state of medicine at the moment – not too amusing for Verne at the time.

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Cafe Corner

Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

This is another healthy restaurant located in Banglamphu –

It has recently moved (not far), and has a restaurant bar and an alcove across the street. Pleasant for a fuddy-duddy like me – music! I avoided this before because it was backpackers. It still is but it is pleasant as well.

Well worth a visit.

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May Kaidee

Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

May has opened a series of restaurants in Banglamphu near Khaosan Road, please see her site for details ( This place was a godsend for me once I started the diet. I had visited there before when not on diet but then to find that I could eat there and eat healthy macrobiotic food is excellent.

Her food is suitable for macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian as well as being organic.

One small quibble. Some of her food contains TVP. Whilst natural soy is fine I have concerns about processed soy.

Well worth a visit.

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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

When Thai people ask me what is my diet I say “Cheewajit”. For me Cheewajit is a Thailand diet which is macrobiotic without the yinyang balance. Many Thais say to me they do Cheewajit a bit!!

Cheewajit is very important to me and one of the main reasons I am trying to develop this blog. All Thai people who eat Cheewajit will use recipes and access sourcing for foods in Thailand that macrobiotic people could use. So ginsukapaapdee is asking for their contributions. Can you help us with restaurants, sourcing and recipes?

Cheewajit  is a diet started by Dr Sathit who has a foundation promoting his cures. There is  a Cheewajit website (in Thai)

and the foundation promotes training and activities. In Bangkok Dr Sathit is based at Bangkok 9 International Hospital, 10th floor.

Email for the website is


Sadly Dr Sathit has died but I understand that his work continues at the hospital. I also believe there is a Cheewajit magazine.

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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

What do these people eat?

Vegans – people do not eat meat, fish or dairy.

Vegetarian – people do not eat meat or fish.

Macrobiotics – people tend to eat natural food and balance their foods using the principle of yinyang. They tend not to eat processed foods, sugar, coffee etc. They eat mainly grains, beans, vegetables and fruit – and a little fish.

In Thailand brown rice is a good indication of healthy food but in restaurants it is rare to find brown rice. Buying brown rice is quite easy as main supermarkets have it, but it is more difficult to buy organic brown rice.

A vegetarian diet can be more healthy but not eating meat or fish only marginally improves your health. Of course a vegetarian diet can embrace healthier eating such as not eating processed foods.

It is healthier to eat organic food as organic food has not been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. It is not known how much these chemicals affect the foods but logic tells us that foods without pesticides are less likely to be harmful.

If we write about restaurants, can we write (with tags) suitable for macrobiotics, vegans or vegetarians and whether food is organic?

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