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Posted by billzant on January 14, 2017

I think I am coming through a series of digestion issues.

I started my diet because I had been getting repeated reflux and headaches, both of which I thought were caused by stress in work – yet I had been retired a year; many times I thought the headaches were caused by stress giving me digestion problems. Soon after the diet started the reflux went, and over a period of time my health steadily improved with the diet and improvements in diet I steadily made.

Three years ago things levelled off, and then started to worsen. I discovered a chronic lung problem – that was giving me repeated flus, and was treated by an acupuncturist for this. I still have weaker lungs because of my age, but keeping them warm stops the repeated flus – an OK balance.

With my digestion I became frustrated because I put on weight. I had reduced to 85kg with diet but went back up to 90 and couldn’t do anything about it; during this digestion problem my weight reached 93 kg. I started eating butter and cheese because I liked them – I overdid it and ate too much. And last November I came down with reflux again – as discussed in my last blog I vastly cut back the butter and cheese, and took sodium bicarbonate. The reflux went but I was still struggling with digestion – feeling full and when I lay down to sleep felt that stuff wanted to come back up. I propped up the bed and slept with my head well elevated.

The sodium bicarbonate was the first mistake. I had read to be afraid of it, and when I first tried for a pH balance had used it and not felt good. This time I felt OK and the reflux went so I made my own alkaline water with this sodium bicarbonate. My digestion got worse as I felt fuller and fuller and felt this fullness when I went to sleep. In the end I stopped the sodium bicarbonate because I felt it was neutralising the stomach acids so my food was not being broken down in the stomach and staying there. I still feel that – without any proof.

But even though I stopped the sodium bicarbonate I found that I hadn’t resolved the problem. Following the reflux last November I had changed back to a 50% raw diet, I was convinced that was the right way to go.

In addition for a year or so now I have followed the digestive cycles (found them on raw sites eg):-

Digestion 12- 8.00pm
Assimilation 8.00pm – 4.00am
Elimination 4.00am -12.00

I had never been good on breakfast so this felt good when I started it.

But I could not resolve the digestion issue despite improving my diet – or so I thought. So yesterday I visited the acupuncturist who had helped my lungs. She listened whilst I went into more detail than she needed – especially long and difficult as she was Thai and I was speaking broken Thai. She immediately honed in on the raw food and the digestive cycles. 20% raw, and breakfast – rice soup. She gave me treatment, some pre-food medicine, and said two or three treatments. After the treatment she thought one would be OK, and things are much better today.

To be fair to raw people I have always read that older people (I am 64) should be careful with raw.

I am still concerned about the weight. Older people get fatter but I don’t want that. Having the extra rice soup can’t help with weight, and equally reduction in raw food cannot be good for the weight. But at the moment the sleep-related digestion issues appear on the way out.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Matriellez, Zandtao.

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Health Awareness

Posted by billzant on November 7, 2016

The state of my health greatly disappoints me, it is still good but a disappointment. 9 years ago I began my cheewajit diet with tremendous results. I went to a natural health clinic with migraine and reflux problems, and the clinic immediately told me I had GERD and to do the diet. With the cheewajit my weight dropped to 85 kg – BMI 80kg, and I began feeling good because of the diet. I was JimCarrey-esque with my elation over the benefits of healthy eating.

About 4 years ago things changed. I began experiencing regular flus that were a combination of hormone issues – andropause, and a lung condition. Over the last two years my weight has increased to 90 kg although it seems to be stable at that. Because I was unable to get my weight down, I gave up a little and began eating butter and cheese. I have always liked cheese, and even when my diet was going well I ate the occasional pizza with no problems. I started with the butter and cheese 3 years ago, and stopped because of adverse effects. Two months ago I started with the butter and cheese again, and developed reflux problems again.

When I was teaching sleep became a problem. It began with stress, and I would recognise the source of the lack of sleep through the swirling mind-chatter. In later years I was meditating and sleep was better but in the end I lost sleep yet the mind was still. When I was eating cheese three years ago I also had a sleep problem, and didn’t really come to terms with it.

Good sleep is a measure of good mind, energy and body routines – eating well, doing chi gung and meditating. However I negate that because in retirement I prefer staying up late. I know sleeping between 11.00 pm and 2 am is good for your health – I call them melatonin hours, and often I have no melatonin hours. This is not sensible.

But I have now determined the source of the sleep problem that occurred during later teaching and since – GERD. Obviously if I have the reflux then I am not going to sleep, but when my digestion system was in a mess I can see that as being a source of the lack of sleep.

Recently, both three years ago and now, I will go to bed late and tired. I would lie down and my mind would start thinking – not chattering but thinking. I associated it with not enough study and writing to begin with, but it happened when I was doing both. The problem was GERD, not the actual reflux coming into the mouth but the unsettled digestive system. Maybe I had experienced some reflux during the night and the body was not happy with this.

Once I began to realise it was the re-emergence of reflux, I angled my bed; now my head is raised sufficiently that the reflux will not happen with gravity. But that is only the beginning.

When I first thought digestion was an issue, I considered pH balance. For three or so weeks I have been using lemon water knowing that has an alkalising effect. I now also think the citric contributed to reflux. But I haven’t given up with alkaline water as I make water with baking soda in it. I still have to work out a balance between the alkaline water and normal water for my water intake.

Previously I have used a turmeric-plus drink, and I let this drop. The drink in brown-rice milk, two spoons of ACV, 2 teaspoons of turmeric and a bit of black pepper, honey to taste, and sometimes chia seeds, garlic or ginger. I started this again and it helped. I now want to make two of these my daily routine.

I like cheese, and I think I can bring it back into my eating but it has to be controlled – I don’t know how well I can do that as I have cheese cravings.

What disappoints me about all of this is that it is never a solved problem. Diet helped and I felt Carrey-esque good. I even thought it was the end of health problems. Four years ago when health issues returned I was annoyed – now I am 64. The lung problem is permanent – it is ageing in me. GERD is also an ageing problem. When the reflux stopped, I would occasionally feel GERD stuff but not reflux. That seemed to go but it hasn’t. I have no choice, I have to be constantly vigilant of it.

Health awareness, that is the point of this return of reflux. Decisions I made concerning my diet are not set in stone, nor am I in a Carrey state where health will always be with me. My body ages. It has suffered damage in life, both naturally, by genetic inheritance and by poor treatment. This cannot be ignored. Living with my health is a matter of constant questioning, and carrying out routines. I have probiotics back – kimchee and kombucha tea, I felt good about that. I also mentioned the turmeric milk routine – I felt good about routines. But then reflux. There has to be constant health awareness. Apart from questioning eating routines there is the meditation, chi gung and physical exercise. As I get older I see these as being daily requirements – certainly meditation and chi gung; the meditation should be twice daily for spiritual reasons. I sometimes feel weak, and give up on these in part. That cannot be – constant awareness of mind, energy and body is essential.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

Blogs:- Matriellez, Zandtao.

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Posted by billzant on May 23, 2011

I am convinced that excess yeast is quite endemic as a health problem. Yeast balance is essential in the human digestive system but bad diet means the yeast proliferates. I first came across candida when I had migraines, and a homeopath put me on candida diet. It helped but I didn’t follow it through. Since I have been eating cheewajit migraines have gone but I am convinced that yeast produces fatigue on occasions. Excess yeast is caused by antibiotics but also alcohol and sweet stuffs provide the internal conditions for the yeast to grow.

Thailand is mixed with regards to remedies for candida. You need to promote good bacteria in your digestive system, one supplement that does this is probiotics. This was why I contacted Natural and Premium as they had a good but expensive Herbal Pro probiotic drink. I can also order probiotics from Good Karma, but I can’t buy it locally.

However there are some good products that promote  good bacteria available. Mostly umeboshi plums, 60 baht for a big  jar from the market, known as Chinese plums called buai. I can also get some nice lime pickles, again 60 baht from the market.  There are diushes Thais make which are sour, this also helps produce a good digestive environment. With the rejuvelac this helps a great deal, but I wanted more.

For example there is no natural yoghourt – with acidophilis. And I wanted to make kefir but cannot get the starter. This is a problem for other fermented drinks such as kombucha tea – I cannot get starters. I wish the online stores would look into this starter issues.


I have moved much further on with pH balance and candida – please see fermentation page. I am always conscious of fermented products in my diet – usually drink.

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