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Local Banner

Posted by billzant on March 7, 2012

I went to my local restaurant and was pleased to see her putting up this banner:-

I have no financial interest in the restaurant, but have been pleased to prod the manager into introducing healthy food options on the menu – only a little prodding needed. Whilst most of the food she serves caters for general Thai interests here is a menu she has available for more “discerning?” palates:-


For more details on the restaurant checkout this website

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Santi Asoke

Posted by billzant on June 12, 2011

Well here is  my first stop in the Mindful Consuming. Now I might have some facts wrong so I hope I will be corrected.

Santi Asoke is a Buddhist sect here in Thailand who have broken away from the mainstream. They have several centres in Thailand and I visited the centre in Kamphaeng Phet near Chatuchak market. All I read about the Santi Asoke  Movement reads great. They are organic, anti-capitalist and so on, they support Tan Ajaan (Ajaan Buddhadhasa) but I am unsure about their politics. Whilst I agree with Engaged Buddhism, in fact a Mindful Consumer Network is all about Engaged Buddhism, I do not know enough about Thai politics to comment. When I read this, I feel very positive; but … the politics.

So I will stick to what I found. I found a large cheap food court with a great variety. And I found a store selling far more than my Aden’s – although there were no organic veg in the store; according to Happy Cow they sell veg (I can’t have seen it). Round the side there was even a stall selling wheatgrass. What more can you ask?

Well a couple of things. First of all there were many Thai-style dishes (ie meat-looking) but they confirmed for me it was all “protein”. By this they meant TVP, and I think of that as processed soy and avoid it quite simply because it is processed. From what I could see in the shop the “protein” sold was no different from anywhere else – apologies if I am wrong my Thai is poor.

But my big disappointment was delivery. I wanted to have a regular order of organic veg and perhaps food from the shop. The lady in the shop was too busy to help, but I was able to get my Thai teacher to phone and she was told that everyone was volunteers and were too busy to organise delivery. Maybe one of the other centres could help.

My apologies but another disappointment is their English website.

Despite the concerns about politics and the delivery issue I still feel they are worth supporting. Here is a community growing organic food by service  (volunteers) trying to withdraw from the all-pervasive capitalism. Apart from this article I cannot support them much but would like to promote them. Apparently (see article above) much of the stuff they sell is in-house as opposed to the other people I buy from who are intermediaries (ie within capitalism).

Finding them in Chatuchak is not straightforward but it is Thailand. There is a map here. Get off the MRT at Kamphaeng Phet and go up Kamphaeng Phet 2, after 3/400 metres take a left, keep walking 50/100m and  you reach the restaurant. If you go along Kamphaeng Phet 2 and reach JJ Mall you have gone past the turning. I get a taxi!


Although I usually visit their restaurant when I am in Bangkok, I haven’t got very far into them. I asked once if they would order – too busy. I will remember they have no plastic bags!!

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Cafe Corner

Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

This is another healthy restaurant located in Banglamphu –

It has recently moved (not far), and has a restaurant bar and an alcove across the street. Pleasant for a fuddy-duddy like me – music! I avoided this before because it was backpackers. It still is but it is pleasant as well.

Well worth a visit.

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May Kaidee

Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

May has opened a series of restaurants in Banglamphu near Khaosan Road, please see her site for details ( This place was a godsend for me once I started the diet. I had visited there before when not on diet but then to find that I could eat there and eat healthy macrobiotic food is excellent.

Her food is suitable for macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian as well as being organic.

One small quibble. Some of her food contains TVP. Whilst natural soy is fine I have concerns about processed soy.

Well worth a visit.

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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

Eating out is always difficult on a diet. Whilst there are always online sources for restaurants it is better to get recommendations. With macrobiotics in Thailand brown rice is an issue as white rice is ubiquitous. In the blog there will be recommendations. Please add your own.

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