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Posted by billzant on May 23, 2011

Gee has started a new online store – Orgathai, check it out.

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Organic – almost

Posted by billzant on May 23, 2011

I recently tried to be completely organic- apart from eating out once or twice a week. I have to say it failed and I have gone back to half and half. This move to organic was sparked by a new stall here – I think the lady who runs it is diabetic. This went well for a while – able to get cheap pak bung (morning glory) daily, together with other veg occasionally. Then the leaves stopped, and now I don’t visit her daily. There is still Aden, but she does not have enough variety.

I supplemented this with organic veg sent from Bangkok –, but this got too messy. I would order the food during the week, and after an interchange of emails the food would be delivered to the local bus station via minibus. I stopped this because a change of staff meant the time changed, and the bus drivers would just leave my box with the shoe shop – and not the bus company lady. Too risky. Natural and Premium did provide organic food, but it was not enough and not convenient enough. I did contact Rangsit organic farm, and they were helpful but there would have been the same problem with logistics and expense.

So it is still frustrating that I live in a  rural area, a major fruit region of Thailand, and I cannot get organic food. I should do it myself – no excuse really.

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Good Karma – all natural

Posted by billzant on August 29, 2010

Found this online health food store in a posting at Thai Visa:-

Millet, quinoa, psyllium husks and flax seeds are starters for me. Checkout their website.


I continue to use Sylvie on a regular basis, she is the only online ordering I use now.

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Thai Organic Life

Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

These people have a shop in Koh Samui and have a website at

Checkout the website and see this page for mail ordering:-

If there is more on offer why not post here?

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Posted by billzant on March 19, 2009

In the macrobiotic diet you  eat grains, veg, beans and fruit mainly. Brown rice is readily available, but is organic brown rice? What about other grains?

If you look at a macroibiotic recipe book there are many items that are not available in the supermarkets  or local stores.  Are there any suppliers prepared to deliver? If so please write a comment.

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