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About a Healthy Diet in Thailand

Zandtao Plan

This is the health part of Zandtao Personal Development discussed in “A Treatise on Zandtao”. In Zandtao I developed three tenets for personal development as follows:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

[NB Please note I am not a medical expert.]

To begin with the plan focusses on healing the body but that is part of a wider Zandtao approach. This healing takes place through drinking, eating and detox. Our bodies consist mostly of liquid, and so it is in our liquid intake where healing begins.

Drinking:- Here is a liquid intake calculator. I start my drinking at meditation. My routine is a glass of water, then another with supplements, and a glass at the end. Then I have my liquid breakfast – green juice and yellow juice. I also have green and yellow juice in the evening.

Green juice depends on what leafy-greens area available. I use pak bung (because I grow them), but gwang tung or kanaa are equally fine, and I put the leaves in the blender. Because of the health benefits of maa raa ki noo, I add 5 of these (very) bitter gourds to the blender. Then nam minao (lemon juice), king (ginger) and nam peuan (honey to taste).

Thais know yellow juice as yaa rabaai. You take two packs of makham (dried tamarind), and put the dried fruit in water (this water should be half your blender volume). Once the water has become hydrated you break up the pack so that more of the makham is released into the water. After half a day strain off the nam makham (tamarind water), and then cover the remains with the other blender half of water. At the end of teh day strain this liquid and put both portions of water in the blender. Then add two heaped teaspoons of kamin (turmeric powder); I also add a teaspoon of ground organic flax seed – this drink has such a strong taste you don’t notice the flax. I then add honey to balance the flavour of the drink – not a small amount of honey. Blend and drink.

There is one other important drink and that is kombucha tea. This is difficult in Thailand. The purpose of the kombucha tea is chouai yooi – probiotic, so if you take your probiotics differently – see below – you don’t need the kombucha tea. The problem with kombucha tea is the scoby, this is a rubbery-type substance that ferments the tea. Basically you make a large pot of tea, 2 litres of water, 4 spoons of your favourite green tea, and 4 table spoons of white sugar (yes white sugar, I know, but the sugar dissolves in fermentation). Let the tea cool to room temperature and then put it in a container for a WEEK with the scoby. After the week you have (fermented) kombucha tea, and I drink a glass a day.

I drink a glass of water with my meals, and then other drinks to make up your calculated liquid intake. In Thailand there are many healthy drinks available, a wide selection of green teas, sesame drinks, matuum (chrysantehmum), king (ginger), and grajiap (rosella/hibuscus). In fact there are far more than this. I drink 5 grains tea and add ginger, but with Thai drinks you have to be careful because they add a lot of sugar. Black coffee is OK, preferably organic, but in Thailand that can be difficult because they sell 3-in-one (sugar and dairy); I sometimes have one cup on a busy day but more than one stops me sleeping.

Eating and Detox

Eating needs to be plant-based. In Thailand there are many veg available in the market but to be 100% organic is difficult. I go to my local organic sources and then buy the remainder of my veg in the market. In Thailand you can get the best rice in the world (I am probably biased), and that rice is organic gaba brown rice (brown rice organically grown slightly fermented (gaba) to bring out all the nutrition); ordinary brown rice is available in most supermarkets – you choose how good you want your rice to be. In health stores you can also find brown rice noodles. The larger supermarkets now stock healthy bread – wholewheat etc., and I get online buckwheat flour – I used to use polenta but she has stopped selling it. I try to have two different grains every day. The rest of the meal is mainly vegetables, but I eat fish once a week (sometimes more) and as I am getting old I eat hoi (shellfish) – and prawns. To begin with I only had animal protein once a week. Dairy is not good so bang go the pizzas – as well as milk, use sesame to build up your bones.

For most people considering a change of diet it is to cope with a lifetime of damage done to their system, and key to this is the damage done to the liver. The function of the liver is to get rid of the toxins in the body so if your lifestyle is standard, cakes, alcohol and even cigarettes your liver has been overworked. And if you live in the fumes of the city even more so. The best intake for your liver is kamin (turmeric) so Zandtao healing has the liver covered, but you first have to cleanse the liver – detox is essential.

Healing can have five stages, although beginning with a liver detox is essential:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance
Stress Free

In the detox you follow this 10-day plan:-

Day 1 – Food and drink with no toxins. Brown rice, vegetables and fruit – no processed foods or processed drinks. Water green and yellow juice OK.
Day 2, 3, 4 – 1 fruit only. Drink from same fruit or water. No green or yellow juice.
Day 5,6 7,8,9,10 – Fruit and vegetable only – no grains. Water green and yellow juice OK.

When I first followed this detox I thought the idea was to clean out the liver only – a good enough idea in itself as most people’s livers are highly toxified because of the diets we eat. But only recently I discovered that the focus on fruit and vegetables helps clean out the lymphatic system as well. Now the lymphatic system detoxes at the cellular level, the blood circulates providing nutrition for the cells and the lymphatic system cleans them out. So this detox cleans both the liver and the lymphatic system.

I recommend you do this detox regularly, say every 6 months, and the measure of how healthy you are is whether you notice any difference during the 10 days, whether your body still has toxins to remove.

Natural Eating

After your detox then you need to eat healthily – natural eating. I kind of say natural eating is food that comes out of the ground but of course GM foods come out of the ground, tinned foods that are processed with chemicals also come out of the ground, so I need to be more specific when describing natural eating. There are four groups for me:-

Grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables – within this I encourage herbs and spices but in a balanced way. That means no processed foods, tins – definitely not, packages check the labels clearly. Ideally all of these would be organic, if available, as I have no doubts that vegetables somehow retain some of the toxins in pesticidies. But what is organic in the supermarkets might be a labelling con. Where I am, in the supermarket you can buy hygenic vegetables. Nowhere can I find a definition of hygenic vegetables on the company’s website so I don’t buy them.

Dairy is out, it is not natural for human’s to eat COW’s milk. When I started this healthy eating, I stopped eating dairy. Then in the balancing bacteria phase I started milk fermented by kefir, and eventually I got headaches every Sunday, when I stopped milk kefir the headaches went. So for me no dairy, you choose.

At this point it is important to stress that you become your own “doctor”. You have to know how you feel, you have to grow your own sense of assessing your well-being. Throughout my life migraines have been an issue, headaches at the drop of a hat – as with the milk kefir, but now no headaches. Don’t take my word for anything, work it out for yourself. My guide was always meditation. Once I started the healthy eating, something would come up in meditation that said I need a change, and I changed – that is how the next phase started.

Acid-Alkali Balance

I believe this approach to eating will help with cancers but I offer no medical evidence for this claim. It is just common sense that if you don’t introduce toxins into your body then it will help the body fight cancer. And if you are removing toxins from the body this has got to help as well. There are people who make claims that cancers grow in parts of the body that become acidic. Whilst I believe that, I have no authority to make such a claim. Nor is this the place for scientific reference. Whether you believe cancers grow in acidic parts of the body or not, having a good pH balance is good for healing. Ask a gardener. The land has good pH for natural growth for particular vegetables – for human life that pH is 7.2; if you’re acidic it can be a lot less.

What causes acidity? The usual culprits – drugs, alcohol, antibiotics and sugar especially white sugar. White sugar of course is processed so I never buy it, but on the road access to products with no sugar or fructose excludes you from most purchases. White sugar is everywhere, and it is addicitive; and it is hard to get off it. But it creates acidity in the body, and is very dangerous.

For most people this balance requires making your diet more alkaline. Here is one chart of the acid-alkaline balance of foods but there are many on the net. I mention 2 foods. Watermelon is very alkaline, and when I was rebalancing myself I ate much of this. The other product is sodium bicarbonate – baking soda. now I started with this but very quickly stopped. Yes, it is very good for making the body alkaline – but I found it too quick. It helped early on, but then I stopped. I bought a pH meter to test my urine but human-spectrum litmus strips are fine – I just couldn’t find any where I am.

My final step was that I bought a water-filter system that gave a pH higher than 7.2. Water is the basis of life, and I believe it is worth paying money to have the best water possible.

Balancing Bacteria – Chouai Yooi.

Here the dreaded migraines told me that I had a bacteria balance problem. I was on the road and found some wonderful wholemeal bread and gorged on it. I had such a bad night with headaches, all night – usually the pain makes me drop off but I couldn’t sleep either. I took this to mean my body telling me I was not paying attention to candida – yeast excess. Yeast should exist in balance but if you have developed an imbalance at some stage it can expand throughout the body. In my case it gave me the ubiquitous headaches. I decided that the yeast balance was connected to bacterial imbalance in my digestive system, and that meant fermentation.

I have done much with fermentation and feel comfortable at the moment with it. I have already mentioned the kombucha tea. Next I made kimchee, I preferred it to sauerkraut. Then I got into beetruit kvas with ginger drink. Check the fermentation page for recipes for all of these fermented foods.

Before I realised that I needed to chuai yooi, I was making rejuvelac. This stuff is wonderful – so good for bowel movements. In my case it guarantees regularity and a healthy stool. Changing to the above plan for drinking and eating should make you regular but if not try the rejuvelac.

Apparently cells and organs regenerate, and “they” sat it takes 7 years for this to happen. Following these 4 steps of Zandtao health will go a long way to that regeneration. In Thailand these steps can be followed quite well with some limitations. The scobies and kefir grains are not available in Thailand – please write and prove me wrong – I will always reference it on this site. Mainstream Thai food contains much that is healthy, herbs and spices are so beneficial. Beware of the ubiquitous pong chuu root (MSG) and white sugar – but I have always found restaurants willing to comply with “mai sai pong chuu root and mai sai nam taan”. Getting brown rice in restaurants is a big problem, but restaurants let me bring my own rice with barely a second glance.

Stress Free

Stress is a major contribution to health problems so making your life stress-free has to be part of your health and well-being, however you manage it. For me the other two tenets of Zandtao provide that:-

Harmonising our energy

Improving the mind

Firstly energy through Chi Gung etc. is essential – without forgetting the need for some aerobic exercise every day )a 20 minute walk suffices), and I wonder how some people claim health without meditation. For me meditation is the first priority. Thailand has one final advantage. If all of the above don’t work there is always the Thai traditional medicine – the herbal doctors.

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