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Jamu Kunyit – yellow juice

Posted by billzant on March 21, 2013


I picked up on this from Gee online because I think turmeric is the business; I regularly recommend it to people to help their liver work against the toxins. The last time I recommended it she said she wouldn’t take it in water because she didn’t like the taste – I half agreed the taste in water is not good but I still drank it. Now I don’t have to because I have seen this Jamu Kunyit. Not only is the turmeric palatable but you also get the health benefits of tamarind. Here is the recipe that Gee gave, this is way too messy for me but healthier. I amended it because I want to drink the stuff everyday. This website is about eating healthily in Thailand so the ingredients are Thai-specific.


2 makham rolls (In Thailand tamarind is freely available packed in rolls, yesterday I bought 4 for 20 Baht)
2 tsps of Curcumin (I bought a box of turmeric powder – about 100 Baht)
Bottle of honey
Bottle of lemon Juice

The drink is mixed in a blender and the makham rolls have seeds, so you need to get juice from the makham rolls first. I have this on the go all the time. Get a bowl, put the rolls in the bowl and cover with water at least half inch above the makham. Leave to soak for a day. Wring the rolls with your hands so that they break up into small pieces, then pour the mixture through a cullendar and put the juice in a blender. Put the pulp and stones into the bowl and cover with water again. This time with palms together rub the pulp and stones together trying to separate as much of the pulp from the stones – still in the water. This means that you can get more of the makham in the juice. Do this as often as you feel – even just once, and when you are ready pour it through the cullender again. Pour the juice into the same blender and then you are ready for the other ingredients. Throw away the remaining pulp and stones – some of the healthiest stuff!

These next three must have to be used specific to your taste, so you will have to learn over time. I put in 2 heaped teaspoons of turmeric but you have to be careful how much turmeric as it can dominate. Then you add the honey and lemon to taste – you could start with 2 dessertspoons of each. All are now in the blender, you can add water if you want to fill the blender. Blend.

Bottle the juice and put in the fridge. I drink mine within 2 days – I don’t know how long it will last in the fridge.

Next time I will add flax seed, a teaspoonful will not affect the taste and it will enable me to regularly take flax seed!!


I have taken to call this juice “yellow juice”, so that I have yellow juice and green juice morning and evening. In Thailand they call it yaa rabaii or something like that. I mentioned yellow juice to a friend and she turned her nose up at it – yaa means medicine and she used it for constipation. Whatever she says I think yellow juice is delicious.

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